Monday, July 30, 2007

A_SOUND_OF_WONDER - Collection 4

Are you a CBSE student?
If yes you will know the new English pattern they had introduced during our time and ..
Do you remember we had a chapter called TIME MACHINE in our English book and following that we had to write a story on TIME MACHINE as an assignment.

Guess my age…I was around 11. I wrote a 4 page story on TIME MACHINE. The title i had given was

And now here is that story dedicated to you


I saw a board where it had written that they will take us to the future, we must name an animal which we want to shoot.


(It was only English words written in different spellings)

Their fees was ten lakhs. I thought, it was a large amount. But I paid as I wanted to go on a safari. There were some rules and regulations while going . We must shoot only one animal on our own wish. We can select the animal while we are in the future. But I named the animal before. The safari leader was Mr. Travis. We went into a room, made our dresses sterlise to kill bacteries. Then we entered into the time machine.

The time machine was very dark inside. There were no other passengers with us. We traveled & traveled & traveled & traveled. day-night-day-night (went). Then we went into the future of A.D. 3055. We parked our time machine near a vehicle. Then we got inside another machine.

At first I thought it was a simple vehicle which looked like a car, a van, a bus, a lorry all mixed. But when we started to travel, I noticed that it was a ‘flying machine’. I was surprised. I then came to know the name of that machine. The name was ‘CAVABULO ELECTRONIC MACHINE’. It was written on that vehicle with different words, ‘CAVABULO ELACTRANIK MECHAIN’.

I saw many other time machines parked and many machines flying. He took me to a place which looked like a forest, a town, a city, a village. Oh God! What a confusion!! I can’t say what that place was. All together it was like a big nest. All the houses were big, made of iron. (In some special building, the main room was made of iron and the rooms which were attached to the main room (bedroom, kitchen etc) were made of magnets, which were hugging each other. But it looked like a full attached house).

There were many computers many roots, working. Many shops with ice creams, so cold, so tasty. I wanted those but I was not able to because Mr.Travis have instructed me not to go off of the machine. He took me to a large compound. We went inside. There were many roots asking for the entry fee, name and many other details only to the people who were living in that nest. But for us it was free, because I found that they were not ale to see us as we vanished.

We went through and through till we heard a sound, a sound of roar, a sound of bark, a sound of a cat and so on. Oh no! this is also confusing. But one thing I was able to notice that the thing which I saw, most of them were mixture of many kinds. Then there came a sound, a sound which would be the largest sound in this universe. The land shaked. I closed my ears and eyes too……….

Then came a large monster. I thought so! But no! There was nothing. Then Travis gave me a microscopic specs to wear. My god! I was able to see that mammal. It was very smaller even than ant even though I saw in that specs. I became very afraid. My legs, my hand, my body all shivered. My heart beats counting faster and faster and faster. I thought it would be big, but it was small. So my suspension was growing. My body shivered more, my heart beats more faster.

Then… haaaaaaaaaaa! We heard a sound at the back. It was … it was the same animal larging, growing, growing and growing till it could reach the moon. I became tentioned. But Travis controlled me and gave me a gun a big machine gun, a big iron gun with iron steel, poison and all mixed - a big bullet to kill such a huge, huge and huge ghost. It was difficult to kill that as it was becoming small, big, small, big after every minute. So we became ready. When it was growing big Travis started ‘one…two.. three’. ‘Dum’! A large sound. What was it?
It was the monster, that same huge monster which fell on the ground. It had died. I have successed.

Then I looked it like a scientist. How it was its face like a dinosaur, its leg like dog’s, its eye like cat, hand was like the legs of birds. I was astonished and afraid. Then Travis appreciated me and shook hands. But there was a thinking, what was the name of that beautiful animal. Travis replied me then. That cute name was ‘Zumanzy’.

He took a photo of me and that Zumanzy. Then we returned safely to our place. I framed that photo and I hanged to the wall. It was an unforgeteble incidence for me and I think that it must be an unforgeteble incidence if any one of you would have went there.

With this ends the story thank you.Thank you everybody for listening so patiently.

Courtesy & Inspiration - My old friend 'Raji' who narrated me the story of the movie 'Jumanji'
So what did u think about this?

I felt proud when my English teacher(Mrs.Meenakshi) told me to read this aloud in front of the class. I was on cloud 9.

But i'm sure nobody in the class expect me and my teacher would have understood!!!

WHAT IS A TOUR - Collection 3


A tour a long journey
I like to go to tour
I had some problem
So I felt a tour a bore

So I relaxed myself by saying this to myself
But the next time
by thinking I enjoy myself
I think the next time I enjoy myself
I bus- school bus
With friends – school frends,
Rather than family
It is happy to go with my friends.

Neglect bad things – but we learn good things.
About social and science
About social and science
About social and science

From third to school go to tour,
Don’t neglect tour

If u neglect, you miss your good chance,
If u neglect, you miss your good experience,
If u neglect, you miss your good journey,
If u neglect, you miss your good things,
So, don’t neglect, your good journey.

A long journey is a tour.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A MAD - Collection 2

So boys and girls here comes my second poem.....
Who is a real mad
I saw a mad
Grazing all his goat mads
I saw him coming
Inside my homing.

I said ‘don’t come’,
He said ‘I will come’
I became furious
I said ‘don’t go there’
He said ‘I will go’

I repeated ‘you go there’
He cried ‘ I wont’
I thought he was a mad
But he is a mad now
Really a mad, 13 years old

Can you say who is the real mad
But I can say,
The mad is
You who reads this poem
Yes you are a mad ( because my own imagination is this)
Is it real..ha ha ha...

Monday, July 23, 2007

A MAN - Collection 1

Hi friends,

Hope you are all enjoying ur life!! I was really busy these many days so could not post anything good. My life has taken lots of twists and turns these days..which i might tell you later...

Now coming to the point why i'm here...

Yesterday i was cleaning my book shelf..Due to which i'm sneezing right now..loads of dust all over...

There i found out my good old diary which i used during my school days...

To my surprise i found out some treasurable articles that i wrote in that book. Very funny when i read it now...

My next few blogs will contain some of those collections and the last one especially will be very touching.....
To start with the first one : The title i had given was 'A MAN'. I tell you i have not edited anything... i'm posting everything with the real blunders... all grammatical and spelling mistakes still exists !!:-) here it starts...


A man is a doll
Made by god
In the heaven
The world of seven.

What be the aim of a man?
To be the same of a can
Man has thinking power
Can has filling power.

I smiled when I compared this
It was a kind of sympathy in this
A man fighting for votes.
A man fighting in elections.

What a world inside a hole?
What a man on the whole?
The world is blue
The man is dark.

But why.. because the sky is so high
A man cannot reach the sky by his foot
His aim in dressing with tie.
I saw strengthly that.

He the man can't learn the world thoroughly,
So man is horrible
He cant learn the world?

But he can.

If he does he is a most _____________ man…
Can you fill it for me please!!!

This was the first one that i had written...
So guys are you ready for the second one ?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.
But....i'm not sure if i'm growing up or growing old...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


hi friends
hope you are all in your new year celebration time :)
enjoy enjoy........


I broke a lion's face, I pulled a tiger's tail, I broke a cheeta's leg, I kicked an elephant....after dat what shop owner kicked me out of the shop....

and thus i'm tired after these many adventures.........
and so i'm unable to write any nice blogs......................

so wait patiently..............
so that i can come out with something fresh.........

till then...............
i will take some rest...........